Cruzer Glide 16GB

As a 4x4 instructor I use DVD videos quite a bit for teaching purposes and am now transferring to a couple of Cruzer Glides which will make things easier. However, I was wondering why when I download to the Cruzer Glide 31 videos 62 turn up, the the first 32 are unsupported the second 32 are all watchable. The unwatchable if looked at end up with a red circle.

It would seem the 2 sets of files are different formats, one of which Windows’ handles. The other needing an app on the DVDs to view. Can you determine the format of the files? It’s the 3 characters following the file’s name.

Thanks for the reply. One thing that I failed to mention was that all this was on an IMac. Videos originally taken with a Canon camcorder uploaded to a DVD then taken from the DVD and put onto the flash drive. The three characters following the file’s name is MP4

What are the 3 characters of the files that work?

The videos were originally a mixture but were converted to Mp4 if they were not Mp4 in the first place via Wondershare. There are two jpg pictures. There are now 41 videos on the Flash Drive and having gone past 41 that say they they are unsupported the next 41 which are the same as the first 41 all play.

I think the app used to convert the files to mp4 wasn’t configured properly for the ones that don’t play. Or were converted differently intentionally in case the other 41 files didn’t work.