Cruzer Edge 16Gb & Cruzer Glide 64Gb both copying slow

I have set High Performance in Device Manager on both of them, but they still BOTH copy at approx 14MB per sec, and this is using USB 3.0 Ports (and yes, I realise the Edge is only 2.0).

Why are they performing so poorly?


you see both drives are simple usb 2.0 storage drives and not manufactured for high speeds, so even though you use them on a usb 3.0 port the speed will remain at 2.0 because the drives are only 2.0. in order to see higher speeds i would recommend using an usb 3.0 drive that will actually reach higher speeds and performance.

My mistake, I wasn’t aware that the Glide was only 2.0, so are you saying that these speeds are accurate for both drives?


Yes there are both normal usb 2 storage drives. so the speeds should be around 20mb like all the normal storage drives