Cruzer Blade shows "This folder is empty", though the disk looks full.


I have a 16GB Cruzer Blade and I put all my photos from my 6 months trip.

In the My Computer window, I can see that the drive is full (only 4MB free), and when i go inside the drive, it’s seems empty.

When plugged into my TV, all the photos are showen and i have access to all of them, only in the PC i can’t get to them.

I have windows 7 and the drivers are installed for sure for 2 reasons, one because it used to work, two because i have the same Cruzer blade only in the 32GB edition and it’s working perfectly.

Would really appreciate any help! Those photos are really important… Thank you!

Screenshot of My Computer window:

Screenshot of the drive inside:

Wow!!  Nice problem.

Is the USB drive formated as NTFS?

No it’s Fat32


It’s not a driver problem.  Or a drive problem.  I think it’s an access problem.  Either a Windows setting or a security app setting.  And it’s on your machine.  Have you tried the Cruzer in another machine?  The main thing you want to do is get the pictures backed up.

Yeah of course… like the first thing I tried was using it on another devices… first on another laptop, and the result  was the same as on my laptop.

second thing I tried, as I mentioned earlier, was plugging it to my TV, and my TV was able to get to my photos and previewing them.

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot for giving me you’re attention so far, and I really hope you’ll be able to work my problem out…

I’m tempted to suggest running CHKDSK on the drive, with NO options, but I don’t want to suggest anything that may write to the drive. 

I assume the other machine you tried the Blade in was a Windows machine also?  How about trying a Linux system.  .You could download a Live version, burn it to a CD, or create a bootable flash drive, boot the Linux system and see if it can read the pictures.  If it can than copy them to a different flash drive or to the machine’s hard drive.

As for what version of Linux to use I think any one would work.  I like Porteus personally.