Cruzer Blade 8GB is not working

i just plugged my cruzer blade into my laptop, windows 7 ultimate

at the first time, it’s installed nicely, then i opened sandisk secure access, everything’s going well…

and there is a cruzer blade icon on my computer, seems fine.

then, i ejected the cruzer blade, safely remove, and it said that can’t eject because there is a file/program still running, i’ve checked there’s nothing opened, and try to eject again


and now i’m trying to plug in my cruzer blade, but something wrong , i think :cry:

there is no icon of the disk, and when i opened the disk, there is no files and folders from the beginning (cruzer blade contents)

it can not be scanned with antivirus

and i can not put any files to the disk

it said " could not find this item. this is no longer located on the computer."

what should i do, my new drive and now i couldn’t use it for the first time :frowning:

Return it as defective and get another one.