Cruzer 32gb only shows 3,1gb


I have a problem with my SanDisk Cruzer 32GB. Today I used the u3uninstaller to get rid of the u3 launchpad. After that, Windows 7 tells me that my Cruzer only has a capacity of 3,1GB left. What happened here? Did the uninstaller damage the stick? Can I undo this?

Disk Management ist showing only 3.1GB as well

Need help =/ Thanks

Best regards, Philipp

you used an onld version of the U3 uninstaller. 

do a google search for “hp disk storage format tool” download that and use it to format the drive. it should restore it to the original capacity. 

last delete the U3 uninstaller you have. there is a built in uninstall function in the U3 lauchpad settings. use that to uninstall u3 instead. 

First of all thanks, but it didn’t help =(

You’re right, I really used an old version. But after formatting the stick with the hp USB Disk Storage Format Tool, the capacity is still at 3.11GB.

Any other ideas to restore the full capacity of 32GB?

reinstall the u3 launchpad then use the u3 lauchpad setting uninstall. hope it works.

u3 installer

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drlucky you are the best, I love you man :smileyvery-happy:

Reinstalling U3 already solved the problem, thanks a lot !!