Crooked Screen . . .

My screen is kind of crooked. Pretty crooked, actually. Is that normal, or is my Fuze . . . “unique?”

Is it a brand new recently purchased “Unique” fuze?. My display 8gb Fuze is not crooked.


It is my third 4 GB Fuze, replaced due to the White Screen of Death around the end of April. It’s not a huge problem, but since I noticed it, I think right out of the box, it has bugged me.

I’d say Number 4 is stepping up to the plate.

No, it shouldn’t be crooked. :angry:

Darn. That’s a shame. It’s not so bad that I would have to return it. And I’m not sure I would, anyway. I’m sick of returning Fuzes!

Try updating FW and also try formatting it. If it will not work call 1-800-Sandisk and give them a mouthful of tounge lashing. I think this is really an issue with how they made the Sansa Fuze coz i too have to replace my Fuze with them twice before.

I’m sorry it is 1-866-Sandisk

@luke2007 wrote:
Try updating FW and also try formatting it.


I seriously doubt whether this will do any good for an LCD screen that is installed crooked.

I’m just going to deal with it. I tried slightly bumping it to see if it was loose, but it’s not. When my Fuze isn’t acting annoying, it’s a great player! I just have to say, I’ve had problems with Sansa ever since I got my first Fuze(which lasted a day). My Clip(which got stolen) was great! I’m not saying go return your Fuze and get something else. I’m saying get a good Fuze. There have to be a lot out out there. I just never get them. Irony… love it!