Creating a folder on SanDisk USB

Hey, I am new to SanDisk USB drives. When I go to Windows 11 File Explorer and select my CD Drive (D:) Sandisk device I can find the system files and I can find space for loading files.

But what I cannot find is an option to Create a New Folder when I right-click on the drive.

Any tips?

Sounds like a Windows security problem. Is the system yours or someone else’s? Are you on your own network or a school’s or business’s? Can you check the system’s AntiVirus logs?

I recently purchased the SanDisk at the same time I purchased my computer. So it is a new system that belongs to me. It is a newly configured Windows 11 OS, and I had been using Windows Defender with no logs yet created. Just to be sure, today I loaded Malwarebytes, still, nothing was reported.

When I go to my C: drive and right-click, I get the option ⊕ New option to create a new folder. This option is unavailable when I click on the SanDisk D: drive.

Can you see files and folders on the SanDisk drive?