Cracked the display on my Clip+ by mistake

I accindentally walked with the plaayer clipped to my belt right on the doorhandle when it broke. The store i bought it on refused to fix it even though the player still was under the warranty. Where can i buy a replacement display and the glascover that sits on top of it? 


You can’t, unless you buy a DOA unit from somebody on eBay. There are no replacement parts sold for any SanDisk players. Chance are though even if you did, if the OLED displaty screen was compromised (broken) you would not be able to replace it anyway.

And FYI, a manufacturer’s warranty rarely, if ever covers mis-use or accidental handling, so I’m not surprised the store would not replace it for you.

Sorry to say, it looks you you will have to buy a new player . . . and watch where you’re walking from now on. :wink: