Things To Do To Your Clip When It's Dead

My little Sansa Clip died silently two days ago… ‘silently’ is a good word, the broken thing was the ‘volume up’ key.

Furthermore, I lost all player’s documents somewhere (warranty included :wink: )

So, what could I do? I dissassembled my player :>

In fact, ‘broken’ part wasn’t broken… It wasn’t soldered.

microswitch after soldering


My solderig gun comes handy again.

microswitch after soldering

Much better, isn’t it? :wink:

Anyway, I lost the warranty definitely but now I’ve got a working player (with all the case scratched like hell)

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Well, you could cover it up with a nice silicone skin, but there’s not much you can do if the screen is scratched.  I’d say it just adds more character. :wink:




How did you open the case? Inquiring minds want to know!(May come in handy some day)

With a knife :slight_smile:

The smallest one from set like this one.

(some warnings : the blade is very gentle and you can easily break it and/or hurt yourself…  my knife lost its tip during this ‘operation’)

Start from left side (small area between usb and power switch) then go down.

And, well, ‘use the force’ ;) 

Thanks, Steev!!

I had exactly the same problem. I took it apart and found exactly the same cause. Thank you !!!