Corrupt Photo


First of all, I have been using great SD for probably few years and never had a problem until ran into something fishy with my scan reader (SD to USB).  So, I tested by copy into my iPad and it was fine.  No problem.  Then I tested on my 2nd PC.  It was fine.  But had trouble getting my first PC to work.  Then finally succeed to copy photo into my 1st PC.  Unfortunately, I found two corruption photos for first time by using SanDisk brand after I have shoot probably more than 20k photo something.

So I re-check photo on my 2nd PC and iPad and those two photos were fine except my 1st PC.  The USB seems having problem in front of PC.  So I tested on back side of PC.  It runs much better but I do see one corrupt file in Window screen (showing all photos).

I attempted to post pic here but seems not working.  So, the pic is showing aqua color at bottom of the picture.  The other one was purple with duplicated on bottom at misplaced photo.

Yes, I tried to use Insert/edit image but no luck getting it work.