copying multiple CD'S to sansa clip.....need help!?!?

me and my friend are trying to figure this out, she just got a sansa clip and stuff. we started copying one CD, no problem, then the next one, since theres more thank 1 track one, 2, etc., it says theres already a track with that name and asks if we want to replace it, and it won’t let us rename it! help? thanks!

Your clip navigates by Id3Tags which are embedded in your music. So even if you had seperate folders for the songs it wont be able to tell. Download a program called mp3tag, and use it to set up track name and info for your songs, If you have an internet connection then most programs that rip CDs will do this for you

Have you put each album in a different folder on the clip?

Sounds like you’re trying to transfer CD rips without tag information.  This will result in a zillion songs titled “track 1”.

If you’re using Windows Media Player, all you need to do when selecting “rip” is have the player update the track information online.  This way, you’ll have the actual names of the tracks added to the files.

The Clip will then navigate to your songs correctly.

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