Trying to copy folders to Sansa failure

I updated my Sansa to the newest firmware.

Unfortunately now I can not copy files to its memory (using explorer - to Music directory).

The message is “the device is either stopped…”

I will be happy to get any suggestion(s)!!!

Try this:

Restart you computer

Put the device into MSC (since you drag and drop)

Hold up the power button of the Clip for 10 seconds

Plug Clip in once computer starts back up

Let us know if you still get an error message.

Go Sansa!

Hi SansaMe,

Thanks for the fast response.

Now I can copy my files to Sansa in Explorer (drag-and-drop),

BUT - they are renamed!!! In most cases new names are like “Album”, “No title” and so on - as a result I can not list them in convinient way!

Is there a way to prevent this?

Thanks in advance,


it seems you music files have wrong tags. Tags are meta-info stored in the file conatining artist, track title, album, release year, and so on. The sansa use these tags to manage music.


But may there is a way to simple copy files like in simple stupid MP3 player?

The copying of the files is not the issue–it’s that the Clip will show what you have on it using the data in the ID3 tags, for Artist, Title, Genre.  To avoid having your tunes and files sort on the Clip as Artist unknown, etc., right now, you need to fill the ID3 tag info. in, if that’s not already been done.  Any basic tag editor can do this, often filling the info. in for you from free Internet databases:  The Godfather, MP3Tag, etc. 

(In a soon-to-come firmware update, the Clip seemingly will be able to show filename information for files stored on the Clip in a Audiobooks/Podcasts folder.  It may be possible, then, simply to drop your entire collection into that folder (whether an audiobook or podcast or not) and to have the filenames show on the Clip.  We’ll have to see.)

You need to “tag” all your existing MP3 files since there is no way to look at the filenames on the Clip while listening.  As said before, the information in these “tags” is all you’ll see on the Clip so if it’s not present you need to get something in these “tags” so you can play what you want to play.  It will be helpful for you to configure or setup whatever program (Windows Media Player, MusicMatch, RealPlayer, etc) you use for converting ( “ripping” ) your CD’s to MP3’s to get the artist, album, track title, genre, and other “tags” from an online database so you don’t have to type them all in yourself.

Fixing or setting tags on a larger collection of MP3 files (with easier interfaces & power than built-in options) will be easier with the aid of a “tagging” program.  There have been several recommendations for different tagging programs like MP3Tag, The Godfather, MediaMonkey, etc in the Clip forum - try searching for “MP3 tags program” (without the quotes).  Neutron_bob says “The Sansa likes ID3v2.3 tags without Unicode characters in the names”.  Look for this as an option in the tagging programs and the ripping programs.  Hope this helps.  :smiley:

Many thanks!

It works, also it seems to be not so pleasant to discover that Sansa does not allow to list MP3 files simple as they are named (at least as option for compatibilty with non-advanced users like me).


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As noted above, you may be able to do so later this coming week.



I am waiting for new FW.

Meantime, I am experiencing that the ID tags updating is not so bad too.