Copying issue - firmware bug?

I’m on a posting roll today. After clearing up this issue ( I’ve run into a new one. 

As I said in the previous topic, I copied my music onto the Clip before I updated the firmware. No problems at all with dragging 418 songs out of the iTunes window and into the Music folder in one go.

After updating the firmware and formatting the Clip’s memory to remove the pre-loaded tracks, I tried to copy my playlist again. There is a pause, and then the files auto-drift back into iTunes without copying. I try again a few times with no luck; close and reopen iTunes, format the player etc etc. Then I try copying one track, and find it works. I try a few tracks at once, and they copy too. I try 300. No go. I try starting to copy 150 (which works) and then setting up a second batch before the first one has finished copying. No luck. I finish the job by copying 150 songs at a time until everything is transferred. I now have all the tracks I wanted on the player, but it’s irritating not to be able to drag the whole lot over at once and come back in ten minutes to find everything is good to go - and I was able to do this just fine with the Clip fresh out of the box before I updated the firmware to 01.01.30. 

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there any way this isn’t an issue with the new firmware? I’d love a fix, but if I can just pin it down to a 01.01.30 bug that should be sorted in the next update I’ll be happy.