Copy music

Can a fuze copy music from a cd or only from rhapsody?

You can ‘rip’ a CD to .mp3, or other formats and transfer them to the Fuze. But no, the Fuze can’t do it by itself. Neither can it with Rhapsody. You’re using the Rhapsody software to transfer music to the player, essentially renting it.

Tapeworm, Thanks. I’m not really familiar with these gadgets and bought this one with no book. How do I convert it to MP3 format?

If you have a Windows machine, you probably already have a program that will do it; Windows Media Player. You’ll have to adjust the settings though, as it is set by default to rip to it’s own format .wma and to install ‘copy protection’ (big can’o’worms).

Go into Tools > Options… & click on the Rip Music tab. Here you can set it to rip in .mp3 format and also at what quality. The higher the kbps (kilo bites per second), the higher the quality, but also the larger the resulting file will be. I rip mine at 256kbps, but others seems satisfied with 192, 128 (or lower).

You can also change where WMP will deposit the converted file when it’s through. The default should be your ‘My Music’ folder which is as good a place as any. Then it’s just a matter of dragging & dropping the files from your computer over to your Fuze’s Music folder in Windows Explorer.

Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy. :smileyvery-happy:


Thanks again. We had an older version of WMP so we downloaded WMP 11 and it works as you said. Thanks for your patience and help.