Converter not working with vidoes...

Ok, I can convert pictures to my e260 but not vidoes… Everytime I go to convert it shuts down with Sansa Media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close… What can I do, if anything?? Thanks in advance…

What type of video file are you converting?

Umm not sure…

@crazy_chic84 wrote:

Umm not sure…

um…you really SHOULD know.

I mean, what’s the file extension of the video file you’re trying to convert?



I figured it out… I wasnt in .mov format lol… Thanks :smiley:

How big is the file?
How long is the video?
What version of Quicktime do you have?
How good is your computer?

Huge files, ridiculously long videos, outdated or damaged codecs and “ancient” computers can all have an effect on how well this could work out for you.  Heck, maybe the converter just needs to be uninstalled and then re-installed…

I am trying to do music videos… I have the latest version on Quicktime… The converter I was using didnt convert the whole video. My computer is gaming computer, I know its capable of almost anything. I need a decent converter, if you have any suggestion would be great…Thanks again…

Is your Sansa Media Converter the Arcsoft version or the Intervideo version?


I would try contacting the Sansa Tech Monkeys and ask if they could send you the Intervideo version.  If I’m not mistaken, that should be the newer one…

I was able to the music videos on my player but the .mov converter only converted it half way.

I got it all figured out. I got full videos on my player and all… Thanks for all your help, it was greatly appreciated.

Hi all,

I bought a Sansa e280 early this year, only use it for voice recording. Now I wish to try something - the photos are ok but the video does not work. The software converts a 17Mb MPEG-4 in 57 secs and writes to my Sansa, I can see it grows to 20Mb on the player and it can display the title but nothing comes out (both sound & video) when press play.

Please help.