Help?! My Sansa Media Converter is not working with converting .wma videos!!!

I have several short music videos I wanted to convert, but it did not work properly. I was able to convert 3 clips, two were >30seconds long and the other was 3:52 seconds long. The longer clip was a video with pictures that I made. The rest are all MVs. I had another short clip, less than 30seconds, but did not convert.

What happens is I drag the files into the converter, hit convert, and the conversion begins. It’s really slow and stops all other programs on my computer, and I have tried  this without anything else open. Somewhere in the middle of the conversion of the first thing, it stops and the window that shows the progress just disappears. What should I do?

I am able to convert photos and such, so this is just a problem with the videos, which are .wmv files. Should I go use a online converter?


Make sure you are using the latest version, and if you read other threads on this page there are other programs that work…