Confusing and conflicting firmware upgrade information

I have NEVER seen such a confusing support website!  What’s the deal? 

1)You list that the latest firmware upgrade version is:

Latest Fuze firmware versions:
- A, E, F, P 

Isn’t that four different versions?  If so, is P the latest?  In which case the other three letters aren’t the latest.  There is a place that mentions that A gets upgraded to P, but the updater won’t upgrade my Fuze…even if I attempt to do so manually.

  1. There is a short list of questions (like a small FAQ) that lists the models supported by the updater.  The Fuze isn’t even listed there.

  2. In another place, it says to copy the updater to the root of the MP3 player.  REALLY?  I thought the updater should upgrade on it’s own.

How about getting the information for upgrading the Fuze consistent and accurate?!  I don’t know what information to believe and not sure why my Fuze won’t upgrade from A to P. <sigh>

  1. A, E, F, and P are versions for various regions of the world.

  2. The article is probably out of date.

  3. IF the updater doesn’t work, OR if you choose to do it that way, THEN you can put the firmware file into the root directory and make it update that way.