Computer freezes when connecting through a powered USB hub

When I connect my clip to a powered usb hub (cables to go 7 port hub powered), I get a ‘recognized mtp device’ message, they my computer freezes.  Works fine when I connect to one of the computer’s usb’s.  This is usb 2.0, WinXP, SP2.  Anyone else having this problem?

Sounds to me like the problem is somehow coming from the hub itself.  Do you plug other devices into it?

Is it a USB 2.0 hub or pre- 2.0?

Could be related to the USB power allowance (as delivered by the hub) - the Clip is reported to need >150mA when connected and your hub may not be capable of that, causing the connection to flake out and the device detection to enter a state of confusion.

Do you also have a portable USB hard drive, one that has the funny “Y” USB cable? If so, try using that cable as it will provide 2X the USB current and that might work better.