Can't charge both my players at the same time !

When I’m charging my Clip (firmware 29H) via a UBS Hub, whenever I add my Sansa E250 to another port of the USB hub, the clip gets disconnected immidiatly. Both are in USB mode. Also, I’m not able to charge my clip when a USB drive is connected to the USB hub and I need to disconnect the USB drive first. Is that a problem of same letter assigned to the driver ? what can I do, after all I bought the hub for the purpose of multiple connections ?

that is an interesting problem, I can’t say I’ve tried a usb hub myself, but I’m wondering, does that provide enough power to charge the two connected at the same time?

Its quie possible having two devices on the same hub may overload the maximum power output of the Hubs DC supply.  Change the current rating on the Hub power supply.

I have a similar issue, with a clip and a non-Sansa player.  The hub is one of those ones that fits in a 3.5" drive bay and is powered directly from the computer’s power supply.  Under ‘device manager’, if I get the properties for the hub and look at the ‘Power’ tab it says ‘500mA per port’, I don’t see any sort of aggregate limit.  When I plug in the Clip or the other player, they each report 500mA requested.

However, it depends on the order in which the devices are connected - Clip first, then the other player, no problem.  Opposite order, I get the “USB device has malfunctioned…” error from XP.  Actually, even weirder is it appears to be a bit stateful.  Once I have them both co-existing peacefully, I can disconnect and reconnect either player without a problem - only after I disconnect both, then connect the other player, then the Clip, does the problem occur.