Compatiblity with Yahoo Unlimited Music Service

I signed up for Yahoo Unlimited service and have been downloading music for a few weeks now.  I originally got a Sansa e250 because I thought I could transfer my Yahoo subscription tracks to it, well no luck there.  It turns out, I need the To Go tier to make this work, and that’s not what I have.  Yahoo support says the To Go feature comes with the Sansa Connect only.  Can anyone validate how this works?  If I buy a Sansa connect, will I be able to transfer my downloaded subscription WMA’s  to it?  I want to be able to play the files offline, not just stream over Wi-Fi.  Thanks.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Cancel your Yahoo Music Unlimited subscription.

  2. Visit and subscribe to the Top Go service.

  3. Enjoy!

Note: Subscribe to the To Go service with the same screen name you used for your current susbscription and your music profiles, playlists, preferences, and subscription music you have already downloaded will remain active.

Your e200 series supports subscription music. To enjoy the WiFi and internet radio features, you’ll need to get a Connect.

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OK, but this only works with the Sansa Connect, right?  I’m still steaming a bit about how not-that-obvious it was that even though the e250 was on the certified list of players on Yahoo’s site that would play DRM WMA’s, it still doesn’t work.

The e200  series supports DRM WMA files.

I can see that the e250 claims to be compatible with DRM WMA, but when I asked Yahoo about it, they said that the only way to get the Yahoo Unlimited To Go is to have a Sansa Connect.  My other problem is that I pre-paid my Yahoo Unlimited Subscription for the year, and I don’t think I can cancel and get my money back.

You will probably need to spend some time with Yahoo! to get a prorated refund to switch to the To Go tier.

If you just want to use the E250 and go to another music service, you will also need to spend time  with Yahoo! to get a prorated refund.

This is from the Sansa Connect FAQs.

Q: How do I sign up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go?
Sansa Connect owners can signup for Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go at This is a link to a 30-day FREE TRIAL that converts to a subscription after the 30-days ends. You may have a problem with this signup if you already have a Yahoo! Music Unlimited account. The trial signup will state that you already have an account, although it is not a To Go account and will not work with the Connect. To get past this problem, you may need to cancel your current YMU subscription and then you can signup using the FREE TRIAL link. Make sure you signup again using the same Yahoo! ID as previous to preserve all your YMU bookmarks. You may need to contact Yahoo! Support for assistance.

Q: How do I get assistance from Yahoo! Services?
Yahoo support information can be found at You can find a link to Yahoo! Customer Support under the Yahoo! Music Unlimited section. You can request assistance from either technical support or billing support.