CNET's Lack of Enthusiasm for the Clip.

It seems interesting to me that various sites, most notably, rave about the sound quality of the Clip and the product overall yet CNET really couldn’t give a **bleep** about it beyond the facts.  It wasn’t for instance included in any of the Top 5 mp3 player countdowns.\_7-234-101.html?tag=dir?tag=txt

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect it to make Top 5 Flash Players but it’s quite conspicuously missing from the Top 5 Ultracompact Players and Top 5 Budget Mp3 Players despite garnering a 7.5 overall review score (7.0 or above is very good by their standards BTW.)  Score-wise, it should be 5 on the first list and 2 on the second.

In addition, they just put out an article on quality mp3 players for around $50 and all Jasmine France had to say was “Finally, we have the more recently released Sansa Clip, which comes with an FM radio and a handy, built-in belt clip, making it ideal for fitness freaks”.\_7-6547246.html?rId=32417460&rel=nofollow&tag=rfl

Where’s the mention of the “great” sound quality here?  It’s almost like the review twisted her arm and made her talk about the sound quality.

I hate you CNET!!!

Alright, that’s enough ranting from this Clip fanboy!  :slight_smile:

I can understand how you feel, but basically Cnet’s lack of enthusiasm doesn’t bother me one bit as terrific as this little player is.  I know how good and “un-MP3-like” it sounds, that’s all that matters.  And it’s far more than just “great for working out” - it’s great for chilling out in the lazy-boy on the weekends, with a cold one close by. :smiley:

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It’s also great for going on walks and walking to work!  Makes the time fly by!

Also I’m ashamed of everyone else for not touching this topic.  It’s ok!  You don’t have to be afraid of the big bad CNET monster!  :slight_smile:

This really makes me loose respect for C-net!

I’d been toying with the idea of getting my first mp3 player for about 2 years…and when the Clip came along, offering great features; awesome sound quality and a price of only $50, it was just what I was waiting for. In my opinion, the Clip represents a breakthrough in mp3 players. I wanted quality, but i didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on some player that had features I’d never use- and the Clip fulfills my needs perfectly!

If C-net is not raving about this player, it leads me to believe that they must be biased- maybe they receive alot of money from competing advertisers or something- but every impartial website i see, and every person I see who owns the Clip, can not help but to rave about it!

Mainstream media sources (which is basically what C-=net has become) are never to be trusted anyway- I take anything such sources say with a grain of salt- the real info is in the small independent site reviews and user opinions.

I agree, Cliipman. I truly enjoy the Clip! I listen while washing the dishes(err… putting them in the dishwasher. I’m lazy… :P). And that’s never a fun chore… So, having music to listen to makes it a little less painful… Thankyou, Sandisk!

My experience with the Clip started with my wife and I falling in love with how “cute” the wee things are…after trying my brother’s e200 a few months ago.  She insisted that Daddy has to have one for his birthday…

Starting with the simple little SanDisk device, I am buying my fifth one, an e280 v2…plus some cool accessories: chargers and dock / speakers. 

Starting with the modestly priced device has shown us SanDisk’s quality…absolutely amazing at this price point…and the support I’ve seen here from you guys, plus the moderators, and development team…the list keeps growing.

So, c|net is missing something, despite being “on the inside”.  None of us here are dressed in leg warmers and leotards…well, I am comfortable in a bicycle jersey and tights on a daily basis, before I change into work clothes every day.  Last week, the clip was comfortable in an Armani suit pocket.


Strange, her original review of the clip definitely praised the good sound quality and she even mentioned that it was worth using with very expensive headphones.

well i dont need CNET to tell me how much i love my clip!

tg wrote:
Strange, her original review of the clip definitely praised the good sound quality and she even mentioned that it was worth using with very expensive headphones.

You’re right…I saw that video review.

Yep, they’re a bit goofed up.  Although CNET gave the Clip a nice review, in its (so-called updated) guide to top ultracompacts, the Shuffle (!) and the Zen Stone are included, although the Clip is not and, if I recall correctly, had a higher rating than the others.