Clipsport board 502-01.01

Can anyone walk me through reseting the board.  I want to erase the memory so I can reflash it.  

Forgot to add Rev date in 01-06-2014

Define “resetting the board”.

If you want to erase all “user-added content” in one fell swoop you can format the player. But this will not erase the firmware, which is tucked safely away in the player’s memory to prevent accidental erase and therefore ‘bricking’ the player. Formatting will only erase any files you have added to it and reset your personal settings.

I’m looking to erase the firmware as well and start over.  I have the unit apart so I can access the board, is there a reset or a junction that I need to jump to clear the firmware and start over?

Ther is no way to erase the firmware. Just manually update or re-apply the latest firmware; it will overwrite what is there.

I had found this site:

however the current 502-01.01 board looks different and I am unable to determine where the spot is on the 502-01.01 board to do exactly what you were looking to do. I’ve done it to an older model described on that page, and it does work.

My husband is currently in the Feds and is trying to fix his broke Sandisk Clipsport-502-01.01 and I am having problems finding operational information on certain things think you can help me??

You talking about jailbreaking the device, the link you posted was about locked devices.