Clip won't stop scrolling through chapters

I use my clip primarily for listening to audiobooks.  Suddenly it will not play any of my audiobooks.  It just constantly scrolls through the chapters until the end then starts up again.  My music appears to be working correctly - this is only an audiobook problem.  Anyone?

I’ve found a couple other people posting about this problem and thought I should add:

These are WMA files downloaded via Overdrive

License is NOT expired on any of these titles

Sometimes resetting the clip works, sometimes it doesn’t

I’ve tried setting the USB mode to each different option - no difference

Sometimes book will play for a bit but then will start scrolling again the next time I power up or “unpause”

I’m bumping this to see if anyone has found a solution to this problem?  I’m having the same issue and am about ready to toss the thing and get a Clip Zip.  

Bumping…  No one else has this problem nor a solution?  I did end up buying a clip zip to replace my clip since I really only use it for audiobooks & the old clip is worthless for audiobooks.  Would love to be able to pass it down to my kiddos, though, if I can get it to play audiobooks properly.  Anyone?