Clip+ skips to next chapter of audiobook before completing previous chapter

Hi all

I just bought the clip+ in anticipation of a stay in hospital, where I intend to listen to a bunch of audiobooks in between nurse/doctor things.

I have so far downloaded 7 audiobooks to the clip+, all except one of which play fine.  The exception skips to the next chapter before finishing the previous chapter.  Unlike the other books on the clip+ the exception comprises a large number of subfiles per chapter.  For example, chapter 3 comprises 6 subfiles labelled 301, 302, etc.  I suspect the clip+ is playing only the first 1 or possibly 2 of the subfiles before it decides it should skip to the next chapter.  The chapters are not separated other than by the change in numbering of the subfiles - that is, 401 follows directly on from 306.

One possible solution (if this is really where the problem lies) would be to join the subfiles into single chapters and see if the clip+ plays properly then.  This I intend to do forthwith, but in the meantime I wondered whether there was anything else I should do, or maybe havent done, to fix this problem.

I shall let you know how I get on but does anyone have any other ideas please?



Yes, that fixed it.  Joined all the sub files into single chapter files and now the clip+ plays normally.

It’s a tedious process however and you need the file joining software to do it so if theres an easier way to fix this problem I and possibly other people would be glad to know of it…