Audio books skip

I have a SanSa clip 2GB and I love it. I download free audiobooks from the library, but sometimes they jump ahead. I will be listening to chapter 3 then I am suddenly on chapter 15. I can “rewind” back and try to find the spot then go forward a bit and it will then play, but this makes me crazy. Is is the player or the book and how can I correct this? The books are WMA format and I download from the library to Overdrive media then transfer to the SanSa player.

It could be some of both.  WMA files have their issues so one must be alert.  I listen to these almost constantly on OverDrive and occasionally I get a bad file that will hiccup and

sometimes go back to the beginning of that part.  Maybe too many downloads by too many people.  If it is a really bad spot one has to skip it period sometimes.  If your chapter mode is on and operating correctly this error really shouldn’t happen very often even on WMA.  If you are within the checkout period on your book you can reload a part or two and see if that helps. If this is happening on every book then there is a problem.  My answer may be a bit vague but the reason is there is no real answer except that it should not happen often.