Clip+ won't stay on.

What it does:
When I turn it on it immediately says ‘Goodbye’ and turns off.
When I plug it into the computer it says ‘Writing’ - the battery indicator shows it to be charging - it appears in File Explorer. This lasts about 10 seconds and then it goes black and disappears from File Explorer. The battery is close to fully charged. There is no card in the SD slot.

What I’ve done:
I held down the power button for up to a minute several times.
By holding down both side buttons while turning it on I have managed to get it running so that it will turn on and off normally. Then I have used system-settings-format and also reinstalled the firmware. Just when it seems to be on the verge of working it quits again and goes back to it’s immediate ‘Goodbye’ mode. This has happened a couple of times.

Is there anything else I could try? How about one second in a microwave oven :slight_smile:


Hate to say it but it sounds like the battery is going bad–won’t hold a charge (or a connection is breaking).  Unfortunately no one has found a profitable way to repair these little things.