Clip Sport randomly ejects on Mac

When copying files to my new Sandisk Sport, the player seems to crash and eject itself from Mac. All transfers are aborted and the Mac pop-up says it ejected improperly. It does not seem to depend on the number of files nor on the size. Sometimes it ejects when copying a large amount of files, sometimes when just one album. There is no problem with the wire nor the computer.

Shame, because it is the second Clip Sport I got that isn’t working properly. The first one did not turn on at all and it took me 3 weeks to get a new one. Anybody know, what’s the issue with Mac and how to solve it?

I know this doesn’t help much but I’ve long suspected that there is something about Macs that a lot of MP3 players don’t like. I’m not just talking about the invisible files that Macs generate and that a lot of MP3 players have problems with.

I have two Sansa MP3 players (not a Sport though) and they are both fine with my Mac.

However, I have two different Samsung players which both exhibit exactly this habit of removing themselves from the desktop at random moments. Both behave perfectly when connected to a PC at work.

I don’t know what the cause is but it has only started happening since I bought a new Mac with OSS10.8. My old Mac with OSX10.4 was fine.

I apologize in advance, but:  imagine that, Apple products not playing well with non-Apple devices . . . .   :wink: