clip sport is insane

I had a new album i downloaded(legal)when i transfered the 9 track album it looses track 3 and moved it to another folder within the album.

I had another great dance album(deckdrumsandrockandroll)and it won’t keep the last track of the album-always missed it out.

whats going on with this?

Here are a few ideas.

    Maybe your 9 album tracks are not properly recognized by the Music database software of the Clip Sport ? 

         Maybe check the ID3 tags.  The Clip Sport does best reading ID3 tags in format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

         ALSO, the Clip Sport music database does best when the first 24 characters of your album title and the first 12 characters of your song titles have unique specificity.

    Maybe try using Folder mode to play these 9 tracks.

>>>“Try using folder mode.”

Could you please briefly explain what ‘folder mode’ is  and which mode you normally use for playback, and why?

Folder Mode is identified in the Clip Sport user manual with one brief statement (on page 5)

         "Browse and listen to content saved in individual folders."

Folder Mode is most useful for direct access to audio files that do not have functional metadata in the ID3 tags.

   The Clip Sport uses Music mode to access internal audio files and Card mode to access external audio files that have appropriate ID3 tag data.

Folder Mode is also useful for direct access to all audio files saved on micro SD cards with greater than 16 gb capacity.

    For all Clip Sport Firmware (except beta 1.28), the Music database capacity for the micro SD card is limited to 2000 files.
    Additional audio files are not logged into the Music database. These files can still be accessed via Folder mode.

My personal preference is to make the effort to properly curate my ID3 tag data. Then I can take advantage of the Music and Card mode playback features. I also use Beta Firmware 1.28. This firmware allows for 4000 audio files per Music database. Unfortunately it has a reduced number of characters (60%) allowed for proper sorting of audio files.

>>>  Folder-mode:  "Browse AND LISTEN to content saved in individual folders."

I never would have guessed that one can also LISTEN, via “Folder”…I’ve been assuming

that it was there for browsing only.

(I’ve been in ‘mumble-mode’ with my Clip-Sport(s), from day one.)

I’m thinking/betting that, like me, many/most people don’t go looking for instructions

to read, before using their Clip-Sport devices.  Instead, we assume that we can figure it out, by

trial and error.

>>>  My personal preference is to make the effort to properly curate my ID3 tag data.

Sigh…I was hoping that I wouldn’t need to go there, but I suspect you’re right.  I’m becoming convinced

that some of my remaining issues/complaints would get fixed, if I was willing to go down that road.

I use the cmd-line tool ‘mediainfo’ to examine those tags.  So, what tool(s)  do you recommend

for tweaking or adding any missing tags?

For the past several years I have experienced excellent results curating ID3 tag data in my mp3 audio files using the software “mp3tag”. Here is a link to the main website.  The software has an amazing array of tools for editing tags and filenames.

I experience best results with my Clip Sport using ID3 format v2.3

      Under Tools -> Options -> Tags -> Mpeg, select Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

      Also, I try to make sure the first 8-12 characters of the album, artist and song title fields have the most unique information.

PS:  My continuing learning how to enjoy my Clip Sport players comes from reading contributions to the SanDisk forum and from searching topics via Google.   The CS user manual is really a minimal starting point.

Thanks for this info!

One other ‘must-do’ things I’ve run into, on both my Clip-Sport, as well as the Clip-Sport-Plus:

They each have their separate firmware update files.  The MUST-DO, for both of mine, was

that neither device came with ANYTHING CLOSE to the most current version of firmware in


So, for each one, I immediately needed to download and install the latest firmware into them!

One other sloppiness I just saw too:

   On SanDisk website instructions, for stuff needed to do after upgrading the Clip-Sport-Plus firmware,

they neglect to mention that I would need to 'PAIR" my bluetooth devices again.  (Not sure why they

can’t preserve those pairings.  They do leave all your music files in place, but, just to be sure, I

erased all my music and then reloaded it all fresh, after the firmware upgrade.)

Even though I am a satisfied user of my Clip Sport, I am not a big fan of bluetooth head phones. I have not tried the Clip Sport Plus.  I do not mind clipping my favorite audio player onto my shirt collar or jacket pocket with about 6 inches of cable providing battery-free and connection problem-free listening pleasure.

I was hoping a satisfied CS Plus user would start a new message topic on the SanDisk Forum with a list of bleutooth connection sucess stories??  For example, what about streaming to the Amazon Echo?  That would be a big selling lure for me.

I have not tried the Clip Sport Plus, since I am not a big fan of bluetooth earbuds & headphones. Too many connection and battery drain problems for me.


I am hoping a satisfied Clip Sport Plus user will start a new message topic on the SanDisk Forum with a list of bluetooth connection success stories??  For example, what about streaming to the Amazon Echo?  And maybe SanDisk could sell a version that includes access for a micro SD card ?? 

Yes, battery drain must indeed become a bigger issue on bluetooth units, based on what I recall

seeing in the specs for the CS vs the CSP.

My use for my ClipSport(s) have been solely for my daily exercise workouts (at a Planet Fitness center).

I spend about an hour listening each week-day, and I could go easily a couple of weeks between re-charges

on the ClipSport and its wired-earbuds.

Now that I’m on the CSP, using a bluetooth headset, I need to re-charge the CSP about twice as often.

(Ok, I’ll go start a posting in the CS-Plus forum, and talk a bit about my bluetooth experiences so far.)