Clip Resets When Charged

Just wondering if it’s normal for a Clip to loose it’s settings when plugged in to charge (via usb to computer).  When I recharge, it looses it’s place in the file it’s playing (goes back to the beginning of all the files in the unit) and if I have it set to auto turn off after a certain amount of time it also looses this and I have to reset it.

Hopefully this is just something strange with this particular unit as I’d think this a really “not so bright” way to design it.  Thought I’d ask before going back to the store for a swap.

BTW, The unit is turned off before plugged in to charge (I’ve tried it with it on too just to check and had the same results. And this doesn’t happen in the process of adding or removing files…just plugging it in to recharge-nothing else.

Thanks for the input.

My system settings don’t get lost with charging.  Time for a warranty replacement?

Thanks for the reply.  I’ll have to see what I’m going to do.

One thought:  re-apply the firmware and see if that helps?  The firmware may have become corrupted over time.

Am I reading this right?  Your clip reset the music (for example if you were listening to track #43 of 700, it would take you back to #1).  That is normal when you plug it into a computer to charge, but it doesn’t happen if the clip is ONLY charging (for example on a usb charger, or on a modified usb cable - or possibly if you don’t plug the cable in completely - I never tried it myself but I’ve heard it works).