Clip+ or Clip Zip

I’ve come across the following 2 Clips for sale online – The cost is about the same for each:

– Sansa Clip Plus Clip+ 8GB
– Sansa Clip Zip 4GB

They are both new, and I’m trying to figure out which one to buy.   Thoughts?

I’m embarassed to admit how much I’ve spent on these discontinued gems over the years.

I listen mostly to audiobooks – from Overdrive when possible, and from Audible when I can’t find what I want on Overdrive.  I would normally go for th e8GB over the 4GB, but for audiobooks, the size isn’t a huge factor.  I rarely reach the size limit before I’m ready to delete old books and add new ones.

Personally, I do not have a Clip zip, so I cannot comment on its functionality, but I do remember reading on a review of the Clip+ somewhere that it is still the best device to listen to audiobooks on. As far as device storage is concerned, I would suggest using a micro SD card and leaving the internal memory empty.

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Thanks, @VictorK!! Not sure if you can help, since you don’t have a Zip, but that’s what I’ve gone with. I do have a micro SD card, but in my years and years of using various Sansa mp3 players, I’ve never used an SD card with one. Any suggestions for that? Is there anything special need to do? Do I put drag my audio files directly to the card?

If the player has a microSD card inserted when it’s plugged into the computer, it’ll show up as a separate drive. You can then copy freely to/from the SD card. I would suggest going to settings on the player and change the USB mode to MSC. That will enable it to show up as a usb drive vs the MTP protocol which should show it as a media player. MTP is typically used for syncing playlists with windows media player.
Hope this helps.

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