Clip not working

My daughter and I both got the clip for Christmas. Hers isn’t workin now-power won’t turn it on…it was working one time before-I plug it in to charge it up and it shows that it is connected but after I remove it from computer, it still won’t turn on…anything I can do except take it back to get a new one??

one thing to note is that sometimes when devices aren’t being recognized by the computer they do not charge properly, so first make sure it’s recognizing on the computer. if It is recognizing on the computer and it still doesn’t charge then I would suggest updating the firmware. Also note that the clip requires at around 3 1/2 hours of charging for a full charge.

i have a similar issue, it worked when my daughter first took it out of the box, then she plugged it in(without installing the software)she unplugged it after a few minutes and now it doesnt work, it turns on but thats it, cant add music,listen to the sample music or get any response from any buttons that are pushed. also when i plug it into my laptop it says device is malfunctioned and shows no drivers being installed(i installed it on my laptop).

any ideas? this is the second one ive gotten we returned the first one for this same problem.

are ppl posted questions after they do a very simple search?  this is answered on about an hourly basis…post how you tried to fix it…then youll get yer answer

forgive me for not searching  everyones circumstances are different, thanks for not being a jerk about it

if you think youre unique, post why… after yer tiny, simple search, what makes youre situation that one in a mill?  count the fixes on 2 fingers… your search would show there is no software to install if your pc is up to code, for starters…i know this is a help forum but the answer is constantly posted

what makes mine uniques is i get a device is malfunctioned error on a new laptop with vista, but never mind ill just take it back AGAIN and get something other than a sansa so thanks for your NON  helpful information and fortunatly i can exchange my product for something else but you can NOT exchange your rudness.

Tamee–  This is when a hard reset button on a device comes in handy!  Did you try pushing the on switch up and holding it there for 15 seconds, to try to reset the unit?  If that works, you then might want to install the .18 hardware (see the sticky post above) before anything else.  If it doesn’t work, maybe give a call to Sansa customer service tomorrow before returning the player?  Maybe they have an easy fix.