Clip not recharging properly after upgrading to 1.30a

I updated to 1.30a and now the Clip is basically not recharging.  After the update I noticed that the battery wasn’t fully charged but didn’t gie a lot of thought.  When I went to recharge it, the battery icon didn’t show a full status and didn’t even gave a full hour of play time.  Left it charging for about six hours and it didn’t fully charge the Clip (the battery icon wasn’t full) and it only gave me 3 hours of playback.

Hmm, I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can suggest a few things to try: 

  1. “Settings > Reset All”
  2. “Settings > Format”
  3. If all else fails, perhaps you could downgrade to a previous firmware version and see if the problem persists.

It seems strange that the firmware update would cause this; maybe the battery charging subsystem has lost track of the battery full-charge status. If so, a couple of charge cycles (charge, then fully drain) might help.

If the Clip suddenly won’t charge following a firmware upgrade, it may be a simple matter of its being in the wrong USB mode, not communicating.

Try going to Settings > USB Mode > MSC.

In this basic mode, it should begin charging.

What’s happening is that the Sansa is trying to establish communication, since it sees data on the USB line.  If it can’t establish this link, it can “forget” to resume the charging operation.  The processor of the wee Clip handles the charging operation.

The USB mode may have been changed to default (auto detect) following the update.

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