Clip keeps disconecting

My Clip connects, then disconnects almost imediately, wont charge and goes staight to Music. Was working fine till today, tried all the usual things, like holding button down while connectig cable, but no different.

Wife’s Clip works fine - spent the afternoon loading her music - but mine won’t ( formated it, but now no music and unable to load any more).

Anybody got any ideas ?

latest version f/w installed.

I doubt that it will help, but did you reset (on switch in uppermost position for 15+ seconds)?  I was going to say that it sounds like a cable or computer connection issue, but if they work fine with you wife’s Clip …

I am having the same problem with my brand new Clip.  This happened after I installed the new F/w

I may have found out what my problem was.   I was connecting through a hub, which no longer seems to work now I connect directly into the computer, and it works.  Before I loaded the new f/w I could use the hub.