I have a brand new Sandisk player and it’s the usual great player like my old ones.  When I got it I plugged it in for charging and it said “charging”.  When it was charged I loaded about 500 songs on it plugged it into my speakers, customized it’s settings and I was very happy.  When I went to charge it with the player off as soon as I plugged the charging cable in the player would boot up and start playing.  So I held the start/stop button and it turned off and as soon as I released the button it would start again.  I did a “settings reset” and I still have this issue.  The players works perfectly other then I can NOT charge it in an off condition.  What’s up?  Anyone have any idea’s?  Anyone run into this before? 

Thank you for reading my post and for the help if you can.


Here is a web link to the Clip Jam user manual.

On pages 3-4 (pdf pages 7-8), the manual shows the Play/Pause button.

Maybe press this button once to pause the playback during charging?

Trust me, I have downloaded, printed and read the entirer manual.  But this morning I made an interesting discovery.  When I plug the CJ in to my computer it will go into the charging mode and doesn’t boot up.  Then I took the player in the off position and plugged it into the many wall chargers we all have and the CJ immediately booted up into the music play mode.  Sure I can pause it and it does charge but it does not go into the “charge mode” as it does on the computer.  Interesting and I gather just a quirk of the player.  

So I guess my question is does anyone else have this issue?  The player plays music as advertised and I like the quality.  I just have this quirk that it won’t charge unless it turns itself on.  IF there is any software up date in the future this may be address.  I can only hope.  In the manual it does state this unit can not be overcharged so leaving it plugged in for charging when not in use is okay but you just have to pause the music and walk away I guess.

Now we have tapped into one of my recent discoveries with my Clip Sport.

My best results for tranferring and/or charging occur when I use the micro USB cable that came with the Clip Sport.

I use this cable for connecting to my computer USB port and when I want to charge my device using an AC charger for USB.

    Most of the random micro USB cables that I have laying around from other devices do not properly communicate with my Clip Sport.  (One micro USB cable that does work came with an old Garmin GPS device).

    Maybe you could try using the original SanDisk micro USB cable when you want to charge your Clip Jam using an AC charger?

Well here is what I have.  When I first charged my CJ I used a generic cable that I had resting on top of my computer.  It worked just fine and as advertised.  When I move the player to where I was going to use it I used the supplied cable with a generic charger and this is when I discoverd this issue.  Then I tried other chargers and cables and I still had the problem described above.  Now when I made the discovery of going back to my computer and it worked just fine I was using a generic cable again.  So my conclusion is it’s not the cable but the charger.  Computer good anything else is bad.  

This is just what I have found to this point.

One last idea.  

When I am done using my player, I usually push “Pause” and then then power off. Then, when I manually power up the player, it will still be in pause mode.

When I do not push “Pause” or when I use the Sleep Timer for auto shutoff, the next time I start the player, it will resume playing where it left off.

      Maybe these alternate conditions also affect the player when it is off and then connected to an AC charger?

I have tried that too even backing out of the screen of music play to the straight “Music, Settings, Radio, ect” screen.  In my opinion it’s all about seeing the computer or not.  I kind of remember Apple OS had an issue like this some time ago.  It had to be there usb cable AND their charger.  It’s too bad Sandisk doesn’t have a phone support or live “chat” to ask these questions or rais this issue with them or their engineers,.  Again, in my very humble opinion the Sandisk player is the best I have used, even better and easier to use them my old “IPod”.  I have an old Sandisk Sansa 250 that is my very best and most reliable mp3 player but I have out grown it’s 2gig memory.  I wish I could buy that player in a 4 gig and I would be happy but the Clip Jam is just as good a player and the volumn and sound quality can’t be beat.  Just have this one issue that I can live with if there is no fix.  

Hopefully this minor quirk you are experiencing will not discourage you from enjoying the many other conveniences and the pleasant sounding audio produced by this player.

   Best Wishes.

This doesn’t seem like a minor quick.  It won’t turn off when you press the power button for 5 sec to power down - it just turns right back on instantly as soon as the screen goes black briefly.  And stays on when charging so I don’t think it gets a full charge. So runs out of juice quickly.  It lasted about 45 minutes.  Do you have a suggestion for how to get it to definitively power off?

I don’t understand why you think it’s a problem.  Is it still charging?  If so, what is the problem.

I don’t use USB charger plugs but proper plugs with the cable fixed and I think it’s a great thing that this happens because my two old Sansa Clip+ who now have next to no battery charge hold can still be used on mains power.

I can’t think why you would think it being on while being charged is a problem.