My clip jam won't turn on unless I charge it or connect it to my computer.

To be honesty, I don’t know what happened. I was using it when all of a sudden it stop workin and turned of I thought the batery was dead but when i chared it it said it was 100% plz help

I have a Clip Sport that seems to behave like you are describing for your Clip Jam.  

     I think I have localized my problem to the SD card reader. My device works better without the micro SD card.

     AND another procedure I try to get my player to turn on by itself (already charged) is to hold down the Power/Select button AND the Back button for >30 secs. Sometimes I get a white screen and repeat the 2-button attempt. This procedure seems to wake up my misbehaving Clip Sport.  But I fear it is traveling down a narrowing road to an early retirement.

I’ve tried everything but it won’t work;-;

it’s basically died unless I charge it.I don’t think it can hold a charge so I’m going to open it and check the battery connection.