Clip doesn't play anything

I’ve been enjoying the clip for over 2 months with no problems. Today, I turned it on and noticed it took a little more time to start up. Then I tried to play a song and the > was shown but the time wasn’t running up, and nothing could be heard. Only the radio was working. Things got even worse when I plugged it to the computer. I couldn’t reach the dirctories of the music, Instead a single file is shown inside the memory called : DevIcon.fil. Then the firmware updator popped up and told there is a new ver (I already used the updated ver 2.32 - I have a 8 gb by the way). I updated to see if it would sloved but - nothing. It just took another ~50mb from my memory. PLEASE HELP ME! :neutral_face:

Message Edited by fighterblast on 04-19-2009 09:37 AM

Can you reformat under the Clip’s Settings?  That often will fix matters (but will erase the Clip’s content).