Clip Display Weak 2k7

Hi all,

I have a 2GB Clip that is several months old. Perfect performance until yesterday.

All of a sudden, the Clip’s display brightness is about 40%; but the control is set at full (100%). The display will only come on when hooked up to the computer or to a wall wart power supply. When it is on battery power, the display will not light up at all; though music lyrics will play, it is sporadic.

I tried to update the firmware manually (drag & drop) into the Clip but I can not do that. The Clip won’t allow it. The Clip has .29 version of firmware on it already.

Do I just contact Sansa Support or what?

What version of Clip do you have? Clip (orignal), Clip+, Clip Zip, Clip Jam, Clip Sport, Clip Sport+? They all take different f/w & I can’t see any that have a .29 version. You may be trying to install the wrong f/w for your player.