Clip Broke

I’ve had my Sansa Clip+ (second one) for a year and 3 days. This morning the clip broke off of it. Meaning the clip that clips it to my clothing. What are the chances that I can get it replaced now that it’s 3 days past the warranty?

Won’t know unless you call and ask.

I called and asked. They are replacing with a new one. I have to send them my broken one.

Good. It’s only fair they want the old one back, but what’s nice is that they pay for the return shipping too via a pre-paid shipping label you print out, attach to the package and just drop it off at UPS.

Score one for SanDisk–again!   :slight_smile:

Usually they are pretty strict with the warranty. Isn’t this a 1 year warranty only? I guess it’s 2 years instead?

Or, perhaps better said, 1 year plus 3 days.   :wink: