Clip+ 8gb - DOA??

I just purchased my clip+ from amazon earlier this week… I got it YESTERDAY !

It worked flawlessly last night while reading. Today I listened for about 2 hours while outside(again no problems). Powered it off and laid it on table (power was still very near full). Picked it up just now, plugged it into computer (main port on motherboard usb2.0), and it won’t even light up the display.

I have tried holding power button for 15+ (much longer after multiple fails just in case) to no avail.

I tried holding home and power, and as suggested doing both but pressing home a fraction of a second earlier… Still dead.

The best I can get out of it is that on plugging it in to the computer, the micro SD card is recognized, and nothing else. While plugged in I can hold power down for 15 seconds and it completely shuts off, I assume, because the computer thinks I pulled the cord… Press power and again it comes up and recognizes SD card.

When trying the same thing without the SD card in, it again recognizes the SLOT, but when looking at it, it says it’s not formatted and asks etc…

Is there a trick to getting this thing up and running again or am I stuck sending it in for a replacement…

I have to say I was happy with the device when it was working, but it’s been less than 36 hours and it already appears dead. What gives? 

You can try using a different USB cable and different USB ports.

Otherwise, you might just want to swap your player for another one where you bought it, if convenient, or telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this, for a warranty replacement (which SanDisk is good about).  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

Ya… Different usb ports / cords made no difference… the device was quite dead.

I boxed it back up and ordered up a replacement… 

I hope you did this:  if you call Amazon, they’ll pay for return shipping and ship you a new unit free-of-charge.  Save that shipping! 

yep… I just opened the new replacement :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazon has amazing service… Sent a replacement on over night (was weekend though). Just had to print out a prepaid label and send defective unit back within 30 days… 

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Great to hear–I hope the new one is defect-free.

Amazon’s service really can be top-notch; they’ve sent me replacement items overnight mail even when I’ve told them I don’t need the item immediately and to save the expense.