clip+4G dead,pc shows removable disk but cant be opened

i just hold the home button and the power button together. now the clip plus wont even start. when connect to pc , pc shows a removable disk. but it cannot be opened. itsays the disk is not formated. i try to format it but pc says format cant be finished. please god help me.i just bought it yesterday.

OK, let’s try a few things.

First, can you try a reset?  Hold the Clip’s on button down for 20-30 seconds.  If that works, I then would try a reformat (note:  it will erase any content on your player) under the Clip’s System Settings.

Second, if that doesn’t work, can you connect your Clip to your computer, right click on the Clip’s drive, click on Properties, and then run a chkdsk (error-checking) on the drive (on Windows 7, it’s under the Tools tab)?  That sometimes can fix matters.

I tried to format it but pc says unable to complete formating the disk. very frustrated!!!

Did you try each of what I recommended above?  Note that I suggested reformatting from the reset Clip+, not your computer.

yes.I tried reset by holding power for 30seconds or more. I also tried to reformatit when connected to pc which is a win 7system. but computer just pumps up alerts that format the clip plus cannot be completed.

Please, again, see my second suggestion above–did you run chkdsk (error-checking) on your Clip?