Channel Mode in Audiobooks

How can I get this mode to work on the audiobooks that I have put on my fuze?  Does the audiobook have to have these before the book is sync’d to the fuze?  I’m a newbie, and this would help alot!  For example:  I am listening to the 9-11 Report, I want to continue where I left off, or rewind a little, to listen a little more closely, etc…and one slip of the finger, and whammo - the beginning of the track, all over again.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, I guess it’s the CHAPTER mode that I am asking about…

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Hmmm. Haven’t really had that problem. Had it CONSTANTLY on my previous player and have been pleased that the Fuze isn’t quite as sketchy in that regard (the acci-click *bam* back to the beginning thing). I have mine set to CHAPTER mode. Honestly not sure what that even does.

Is it safe to assume, that if the download does not have chapters programmed into it (the 9-11 report, maybe), that the “Chapter” mode will not work, and the only way to find out, is to listen to it once it has been downloaded???  So maybe I am looking for a feature that isn’t available with ALL downloads.  Like I said, I’m a newbie…

Well, as I said I am not sure what the “Channel” feature is, but I am quite sure there is nothing you need to do to the Audiobook. So I would agree it’s either in the file or it isn’t.

I’ve just been experimenting with my fuze With chapter mode on.

 Selecting an audiobook downloaded from Audible and placed in the Audible folder, pressing the wheel at the right arrow moves on to the next chapter of the book, despite the download appearing to be a single file with no subsections.

Selecting material ripped from a cd book and saved as mp3 files in the audiobooks folder, it moves on to the next mp3 file.

Selecting material from a download of a radio drama, it did nothing.

So, it looks like you have to depend on Audible to divide the material into chapters, or use something like Slice audio splitter to divide your recording into convenient length mp3 files.

Haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect that if you  put the mp3 files into a folder you could move backwards and forwards without using the chapter feature.