What is "Chapter Browsing"?

I just recently got my Fuze and I’m using it mainly for audiobooks.  I actually read the user’s manual (!!!) and learned how to set it for “Chapter Browsing”

BUT … I have no idea what that means.

Can someone explain what Chapter Browsing is?


Hi Barbara Chapter Browsing is one of the features of your MP3 player that you can browse the adiuobook by chapter, your sansa fuze doesent have bookmarking.

For audiobooks, use the chapter mode to skip and change chapters of the book.

The resume feature allows users to pause and resume where they left off.
In addition, users can turn off the player while playing the audiobook file and it will resume to the part where they left off.

Hope this help Barbara.   :wink:

Thanks so much! That makes sense now. I guess since I normally read novels, that’s a function I’ve never had to use (hard to keep track of the plot if you’re skipping around in the chapters!).

I love the resume feature … It took my a long time to give up my cassette tapes because CDs wouldn’t “resume” if you switched CDs and then returned to your book. The MP3 system is so much better!

Again, I really appreciate your quick and informative response.


Hi. I was wondering if anybody knew if chapter browsing is for any other format than just the .aa (audible.com) format or if you can somehow use it on other formats and if you can how would you be able to splice together and set markers?  Is there any computer software program that could do this possibly?  Thanks for any input in advance.