Changing pdf files??

Hi. I downloaded a book to my computer that is a pdf file. Is there anyway to change that to something the fuze will recognize so I can load it to my fuze? If so, how?  Thanks so much!  glo

The fuze works for audiobooks, but I’m not sure there’s any feasible way to get e-books to work, other than making a LOT of image files of a size that you can read and going through them one at a time (which is still not feasible imo)

Certainly not on such a small display.  Good for an audio player, but not for reading text.  The fuze isn’t made to display text files, but it has been requested a few times.

Hi…I am sorry, I want it to listen to on the Fuze, not to see. I was probably confusing about that!!:dizzy_face:  No, I only want to listen…is there a way to do that from a pdf file???

A pdf is a document, not an audio file.  Think of it as you asking how to get a real book on an mp3 player, it’s not going to happen.  You could record yourself reading it lol.  Try searching for an audiobook, which you would be able to listen to on your fuze.

Thanks, I was hoping there was a way to turn a pdf into wav or mp3 or one of those other things I could use. Thanks alot!!

Try searching on google.  I wouldn’t doubt that there is some multi-step way to do this.

great idea, thanks…will post if I find a solution:manvery-happy:

A .pdf file is am ‘image’ doument like a Word.doc or Notepad.txt file.

It has no ‘audio’ capabilities at all.

A .pdf file is an ‘image’ doument like a Word.doc or Notepad.txt file. You LOOK at it.

It has no ‘audio’ capabilities at all.

Well it would if it were converted to text, fed through a text-to-voice reader and recorded.

But the reading would probably bore most people silly. 

Just one word – kindle

Thanks to all you guys for straightening my head out with this. I appreciate it!!!

Do you love your kindle???

If your pdf consists of real text and not only scanned documents, then Adobe Reader can read it.

This is included at least since the last two versions.

If the speech quality is ok for you, start a little tool that can record your soundcard output et voilà.

Your pdf spoken on your fuze.

Reading Adobe pdf files?  That Kindle is wimpy.  I’m waiting for the Plastic Logic, as I love to read:

The Kindle is the little toy on top.  See how cool the new device will be?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Way more than cool.  I read they’re working on making it flexible.   I doubt it’ll be as flexible as their paper display.

Copy-paste the text into notepad, run windows narrator, and record microsoft sam. Win. =P

One can turn pdf files into a series of photos, and drop them into the Photo folder.

This is done with “ebook to Images”, a free program, at

“Converts Text, HTML, PDF, MS Word DOC, and LIT based eBooks into images.”

Graphics don’t convert, just the text.

The program has pre-set modes for various players, including the e200 series, but doesn’t yet have the Fuze, so one has to select the custom options, put in 220 by 176, and select BMP or JPG.

One can have the software group the sometimes hundreds of resulting images into folders, and one can drag those folders right into the Photo folder. (Tried it in MSC,haven’t in MTP.)

Cool to be able to read articles on my Fuze. White text on black background works well for me.

Oh yeah, one more thing – one can listen to music at the same time as looking at photos, i.e. reading one’s converted pdf documents!

(but the combination seems to be a bit buggy?)