A suggestion...

I’ve been lurking here and have found out some great information and also good suggestions. So I thought I’d  throw in an idea…

How about some kind of e-book reader? I’ve seen a lot of E-books in .pdf format, would it be possible to even just add support for that file format?

E-books on a screen as small as the Fuze’s? Probably not worthwhile. Apart from that, there are technical obstacles. Rendering PDF in all its glory is not a trivial task and requires a fair bit of RAM and CPU power.

That said, I guess just showing text on the Fuze shouldn’t be too difficult, and extracting pure text data from PDF files can be done with tools like pdftotext. So, maybe, if one of the devs is feeling sufficiently bored … :slight_smile:

So, let’s just rephrase the suggestion: If it makes any sense on the small screen, we would like to be able to read UTF-8-encoded text files on the Fuze. :wink:

Well, I do not find reading txt files on IPod Nano too uncormfotable

or on a 2 inch screen of a “chipod”…or on my old Moto E770…

so, I happen to think that reading on Sansa Fuze would be

as good as that…good enough to pass time in transportation and so. 

But I guess we’ll have to wait for Rockbox or something.  : )