Can Fuze have documents???

See, I want to put 4 books on my Fuze…i already have them downloaded but I can’t add them! Is it possible? I always try but…you guessed it…othing happend! I want to be able to read in the dark (nighttime) on trips! I got the idea from my sister because she put a document on her Zune!!! HELP ME!


Nope. The Fuze Cant support books as a document. It does support audio books which are like books on tape. It also supports Videos and Pictures. So For your book if it has been made into a movie you could explore that angle. You can store documents on the Fuze like its a Flash Drive but you cant read them as they are. Good Idea tho maybe this could be in a Future FirmWare.

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I knew that far…the videos, picture, ect. but yes one of the books has been made into a movie but i tried to put the movie on it and…no luck =(

How did you try to add it? What Steps did you take?

Well…ok so a SansaFuze is an MP3 Player right? Right! The movie I want only comes in mov, mp4, avi, mpeg, so can i use one of those on my Fuze?

Yep. I would Suggest you use the Mpeg. Its all I use and I have never had a problem. You have to use a program called Sansa Media Converter to add the Movie to the Fuze. You can download it here. The Fuze is a little picky about what kinds of videos it will play so running the file you want thru SMC will get the file into the right format. The issue is that sometimes SMC doesnt work right. Try it first as it is and then if that doesnt work out we will give you the work around.

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thnx!! though the movie isnt even half as good as the book…it works and ill try it out! I still cant beleive I cant put books on the Fuze! Thats so messed…

The thing of it is that the Zune was created to behave like a Mini Multimedia computer. It will do more than an MP3 player when It comes to things like Docs. I for one am not a fan of even having videos or photos on my player. I just want it to play music. But Like I said Its a good Idea, I dont know if the current hardware will support it but it is possible that this feature may make it to a Future Firmware.

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WOW! Thats…wierd? And, like, what does it do? When you say it was meant to be a Mini Multimedia computer thing??

I think what he means is, that it can do many of the things that the iPod can do, like play games AND videos AND music AND view documents.

Pik basically yeah. The Zune was designed with Document support so that you could create Word Docs and then throw them on the Zune. They sold it to retailers as a MultiMedia Player. Sansa products were sold (Again at least to my retail chain) as DAPs (Digital Audio Players). That is what I meant. Perhaps I was not clear.