Change the KBPS for recording


I enjoy using this fine product. :smiley:

Two comments:

  1. I use my mp3 player for recording speech. I have observed that my machine records at 384 kbps. Is it possible to lower this? I would like to record somewhere around 30 kbps.

  2. I used to be able to import my recordings directly to Audacity (for editing). But with this machine I need to first transfer my recording to my computer and then bring it into Audacity. Is there a way to do this directly?

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  1. No. The player records voice and FM in WAV format. There is no way to change this.

  2. I believe you need to have the player connected in MTP mode in order to access the recordings. It’s probably best to transfer them to your computer, edit them and then transfer them back rather than changing the file while on the player.

The Sandisk Clip+ and Clip Zip are excellent mp3 players, however they are not very good as recorders.

I suggest that you get a separate recorder with a card slot and a mic jack if you want decent quality recordings and the ability to record in mp3 at a bitrate of 32 or 48 kbps. Sony and Olympus make such recorders. They start at around $50.

I can deal with the high kbps. I would have just preferred if it was possible to lower this.

I don’t know why JK98 is saying these players are not very good as recorders. I find them to be excellent recorders. The sound quality is perfect.

Unless you mean that with these other recorders you can adjust the kbps. But in any case, I can make do with my machine.

Thank you to both of you for your detailed responses!


If the Sansa would record voice and radio to MP3, I would be one very happy camper.  As you have discovered, standard PCM audio (stored as WAV files) is the output of this little device.

WAV files are big.  You can convert them using a WAV-MP3 converter on the PC (I do this with archived notes).

If your need is recording radio broadcasts, a specialized recorder / radio likethis one is a handy choice. It even records to an SD card.  Years ago, I would record radio broadcasts using a specialized tuner > dbx 4bx expander (decompressor) > dbx NR > open reel NAB tape.  Though the recordings sound awesome, the equipment takes up a lot of space.

Incidentally, converting tha audio to MP3 does require the processor to perform an additional task that involves a license fee as an encoding device.  Royalties are a pain, but what can you do?

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I wouldn’t say they’re excellent. no line in or mic jack, and the built in microphone isn’t all that sensitive.

I guess you never had a real digital recorder. Aside from the large space the Clip’s recordings take up, the Clip has a cheap mic and the recordings are noisy unless the player is very close to the speaker. A real digital recorder has many features for reducing noise during recording and/or playback, and a mic jack so an external mic can be used if the internal one doesn’t work well enough.

Since a decent digital voice recorder that can record in mp3 or wma at a user selectable bitrate with a mic jack and a microSDHC card slot is only around $50, I don’t see a need to suffer with the limitations of the Clip players for recording. I love my Clip+ players for playing music and podcasts, but hate using them as recorders. I’m talking about a recorder like this. With the card slot and using  AAA batteries, your recording time is unlimited. This seems like the cheapest of the decent recorders with a card slot and usb connectivity. Sony also makes some nice low priced models  with a card slot.

The little Olympus units are great, I remember the microcassette “pearlcorders” back in the day.  I had one of the Sony micro videocassette ones yeas ago, the tape was the size of a postage stamp.  Today, the SanDisk microSD cards hold so much more information.

I think SanDisk should build a specialty recorder, there’s a big market for a durable stereo recorder.  I’d either have a stereo lapel mic, or a specialty headphone with dual microphone capsules in the cables.  Think of using the classic e200  shell and display, it would be cool.

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