Audio recording

I’m planning on buying one of these for audio recordings. It seems cheaper than buying an audio recorder.

Does anyone have any details regarding the quality and bitrates and battery life if I’m just using for recordings?


You should realize that these things are first and foremost an mp3 player . . . that just happens to have the added feature of being able to record voice & from the FM radio.

It depends on what you’re wanting to record and the resulting sound quality you’re wanting and/or expecting. If you plan on using it a lot for primarly this feature, you may be better off getting a dedicated recording device. Yes it will cost more, but it’s the right tool for the job.

If however, you’re wanting a device that you want to mainly listen to music, podcasts, or audio books on, and occasionally have the need to record something, and superior sound quality in the played-back file is not that important, or you don’t have the need for adjustable play-back speed with pitch control, user-selectable file format and or bit-rate, a wired separate microphone or any of the other options that a dedicated recording device would offer then any of the Sansa mp3 players would be an excellent choice.

The Sandisk Clip+ is an excellent player, but is horrible as a recorder. It records in a high bitrate wav file which take up a huge amount of space. The player has a cheap mic which gives very noisy recordings unless the player is within around 3 feet of the speaker’s mouth. The player can only record to internal memory. For recording, get a recorder. You can get a good recorder with a card slot which can record to card memory in mp3 or wma(with a user selectable bitrate) for as little as around $50( VN702PC), although it seems like it should be well worth it to get the Olympus WS802 for around $75. The Olympus recorders have a mic jac if you want to add an external mic. They have many features for recoding.

There are no mp3 players that work well as recorders.

Many thanks for your quick replies. I think I’m just being cheap!

Decent audio recorders seem to be twice as expensive, but that’s probably a different discussion for a different forum.

Let us know what you decide to get. Sony also has some digital recorders that let you record to a microSDHC card in mp3. The Olympus recorders seem to have the most features. The problem with digital recorders is that they don’t work well as players(no tag browsing, difficulty playing  files in the correct order, some not supporting playback of variable bitrate files, etc.). So there is no one recorder or player that will work well for both recording and playback.