Change region from USA, to increase my volume? "Sansa slotRadio player"

“Sansa slotRadio player” It’s a small metal, silver, square. It’s 5 years old.

I plugged it into my PC and cannot find settings.

You have to change settings through the device’s interface, not over USB, but I’m not even sure if thats possible on the slot radio.

I don’t believe there ARE any settings to change, via the player OR PC. This is a low-end, no-frills, basic player with no on-board memory. It’s like the toys you get with McDonalds Happy Meals. It plays SlotMusic or SlotRadio cards (or FM Radio). Period.

As far as I know there is no difference between US & Europe models as there is with the higher end players. In fact, it may have not even been sold in Europe so the decibel limit would not have been an issue.

There is a firmware update available for it though, if you want to try it. The notes don’t mention anything related to your question/concern, but it may be beneficial to you in other ways.

Btw, there is no need for multiple posts . . . as you were informed a year ago when you did the same thing. :neutral_face:

Here you go from the KB site. Have fun.

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Did you happen to notice that the OP’s device was NOT listed in that KnowledgeBase article? So your link will not be helpful at all?

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