Change of reported interface speed

So, I installed my Ultra II 240GB SSD on my HP Pavilion desktop. The dashboard initially reported SSD capability of 6.0Gb/s and Connection 6.0Gb/s. The dashboard then reported that an upgrade to Dashboard 1.4.0 was available, so I downloaded and installed.

Upon running the updated dashboard, it now reports SSD capability of 6.0Gb/s but Connection halved to 3.0Gb/s. What gives there? I am now unsure which figure is correct and whether I have any improvement capability or not.

The system is used at the heart of my music recording studio so, whilst the performance is superb compared to the disk it replaced, optimisation is preferable. Anyone else experienced this discrepency of reporting between different versions of the dashboard?

- Fixed inaccurate display of the SATA link speed

this was in the release ntoes for 1.4. It seems it may have not been detecting the SATA link speed correctly before the update. You should be able to look your computer make and model up to see if it is SATA II or SATA III. If the computer motherboard is SATA II SATA 3Gb is correct.