SSD connection interface speed too low

I installed my ScanDisk Ultra II 480gb SSD in my HP EliteBook 8560p and when I run the ScanDisk Dashboard, in the Interface speed box, I see  the SSD Capability value of 6.0 Gb/s, but the Connection speed of 3.0 Gb/s.  Why is my value 1/2 that of thecapability speed?  How can I improve it?

From what I can find online the HP EliteBook 8560p is the third gen of the series released in 2011. This is kind of older for a PC. I could not find any specs for the PC on the HP site (or the PC itself for that matter) but CNET has the specs lised (see link below) and it shows the PC only has SATA 3Gb (Serial ATA-300). It looks like the PC is only capable of SATA 3Gb so the SSD will link at the fastest speed supported by the SATA chipset in the PC. 

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I see what you mean.  BTW: The link got a 404 page not found

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Thanks for taking care of this problem